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400 Baker Street #104
San Francisco, CA 94117


If you want it to be done right, do it yourself. Black Magic USA is about channeling our lives and identities into a lifestyle brand we know and care about. Our obsession with creativity and craft has pushed us to produce hand made goods that live up to the highest standards of quality and style.

Our products are hand made from start to finish in San Francisco, California. We do our best to source our materials from the U.S.A. and hand pick all our leather. We're dedicated to providing our customers with products that will be as tough as they are. This is our ride and it's just getting started.


Returns, Repairs & Warranty

Black Magic USA offers a 1 year warranty which covers defects in workmanship, stitching, snaps and hardware. Any defect in leather hide is intended and cannot be replaced/repaired.

Black Magic USA will repair the item if possible and replace it if not within the 1 year warranty. Refurbishing and repairs outside of the warranty can be covered for a fee on damage and wear not covered under warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper care, negligence and the normal breakdown of natural materials over extended time and use.

Items not considered as manufacturers defect:

Normal wear and tear, edges worn through everyday use, natural discoloration of leather and leather softening from usage and age, rips, scratches, tears due to misuse, linings that are worn, ripped, or stained, stains and spots on leather, damage from pets, damage to finish from improper conditioning and cleaning.

Repair service costs for non-warranty items:

The cost of non-warranty repairs will vary according to the nature and the complexity of the repair and start at $10 minimum plus shipping. We will be happy to assess the product and provide you with an estimate before we service your repair.

Because each item is made to order, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Customer can expect 4-6 weeks time from ship date for any damage to be repaired.

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