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400 Baker Street #104
San Francisco, CA 94117


If you want it to be done right, do it yourself. Black Magic USA is about channeling our lives and identities into a lifestyle brand we know and care about. Our obsession with creativity and craft has pushed us to produce hand made goods that live up to the highest standards of quality and style.

Our products are hand made from start to finish in San Francisco, California. We do our best to source our materials from the U.S.A. and hand pick all our leather. We're dedicated to providing our customers with products that will be as tough as they are. This is our ride and it's just getting started.


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Leather Sizing


We’ve tried to make it simple... If you have a size 30 waist, buy a size 30 belt. To be sure of your correct size, measure your waistband with your pants on at their normal level. You can also measure a previously used belt from the most used hole to the end of the belt not including the buckle. The perfect fit of a belt is in the center notch, his way you have room to grow and room to lose a little. Size exchanges are welcome.


Depends on what you're carrying. Lots of cards and cash? The Bad Mojo Bifold and Voodoo Trifold can do the job. A little less? Maybe no cash, just cards; check out the Double Down Cardholder or Mini Mojo.


Our key fob has been designed to match perfectly with our 1.5" belts and has a heavy duty key ring that may not fit all key types.